Our Producers

Where our food comes from makes all the difference, so we make sure that the ingredients we use come from trusted producers.


Veritable Vegetable

San Francisco, CA – Produce

Veritable Vegetable is the nation’s longest-lasting distributor of certified organic produce. Working with both big and small farmers, they are dedicated to promoting sustainable agriculture and sustainable food systems in California.



Cooks Company Produce

San Francisco, CA – Produce

Cooks Company Produce is a distributor of fruits and vegetables to San Francisco, the East Bay, Peninsula, and Napa Valley. Owner Ric Tombari has been working in the industry for over 30 years, and has built long-standing relationships with hundreds of local farms to provide the highest quality produce.




Fremont, CA – Dried Herbs and Spices

Spicely offers some of the most delicious and unique flavorings for lovers of gourmet food, made from the freshest organic and natural fair-trade ingredients available.



Marin Sun Farms

Point Reyes, CA – Meat

Marin Sun Farms provides a complete pasture-to-fork solution for grass-fed and pasture-raised beef, pork, poultry, lamb and goat. Making a conscious decision to source from the Northern California foodshed, they connect the best ranches and ranchers in the area with California meat lovers.



Siren Fish Co.

Santa Rosa, CA – Fish and Seafood

Siren Fish Co. was formed with the goal of connecting young fishermen directly to a customer base that will encourage them to choose sustainable fishing methods. Siren sources only the finest local and sustainably caught seafood.



Monterey Fish Market

San Francisco, CA – Fish and Seafood

Since 1979, Monterey Fish Market has been providing the Bay Area with fresh seafood, captured and handled with care and respect. Their tasty fish comes from healthy fisheries that use the best fishing practices.



Metropolis Baking Company

Berkeley, CA – Bread

Metropolis Baking Company specializes in traditional, regional Italian breads. Committed to high-quality product, Metropolis never uses dough conditioners or preservatives, and utilize extended fermentation time for full, robust flavor in each of their breads.



Good Faith Farm

Flournoy, CA – Olives

Good Faith provides organic olives from Northern California old groves that are grown without synthetic fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides of any kind. There olives are also not treated with lye, chemical ripening agents, colorings or preservatives.



Cloud 9 Orchard

San Antonio Valley, CA – Olive Oil and Vinegar

Cloud 9 is a family run olive farm dedicated to producing delicious, healthy, and local extra virgin olive oils and and vinegars to satisfy a wide range of tastes. They employ eco-friendly and sustainable growing practices to produce the best quality oil possible.


Alter Eco

San Francisco, CA – Chocolate and Quinoa

Alter Eco travels far and wide to bring us the world’s most exotic, delicious and sustainable foods. Their main products include chocolate, quinoa, rice and sugar. Working directly with small-scale farmers, Alter Eco has helped them institute fair trade and organic practices.



4505 Meats

San Francisco, CA – Meat

Founders Ryan and Cesalee are dedicated to flavor and quality, adding their own unique touches to create exceptional meaty products. Based out of San Francisco, they strongly believe in keeping it local and supporting the growing Bay Area community and food movement.



Bison Bison Co.

San Francisco, CA – Bison

Responsibly-sourced, 100% grass-fed bison are free-roaming and graze for their entire lives before being humanely processed in-field. At no time are these bison ever exposed to any hormones, antibiotics, factory farms or feedlots. Bison meat is a delicious, non-gamey, high-protein red meat that is beyond compare.